About us

IMOPÓLIS – Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo, S.A. is a company that is focused on the management of Real Estate Investment Funds and is currently managed by the Imodevelopment Fund.

Founded in October 1993, it is with the seal of Grupo Mello that the company enters in the real estate market where it operates since that date.

Throughout its life the company has been solidifying its position at all levels, being today a reference in the national market for the safety and solidity that transpires to the market, the know-how that was accumulated and the involvement with the main players of the real estate market, both nationally and internationally.


Recently the company was acquired by Funds Managed by Värde Partners, assuming itself, since that date, as the Real Estate Investment platform in Portugal.

Imopólis is a company whose corporate purpose is the administration, management and representation of real estate investment funds, acting exclusively in the Portuguese market.



Innovation · Competence · Human Development

Our positioning is intrinsically linked to the positioning of the fund we manage. It is a core Real Estate fund that strives for the quality of its assets, preferably income, as the first contribution to the excellence of the services we provide to our tenants.

We intend to continue to offer quality real estate solutions that mark our clients by the transparency with which we base our business, by the openness with which we approach the difficulties, by the firmness with which we defend our convictions and by the flexibility with which we seek solutions.

We believe that to make a difference in the real estate market we need constant innovation that allows us to offer more and better quality, that is, to provide integrated solutions ensuring each client the right solution to their problem.