de Bragança

Offices and stores by Siza Vieira

In the middle of Rua do Alecrim was born another work of architecture Siza Vieira!
Terraços de Bragança is proof that it is possible to build modern and high quality projects in the Chiado area.

At this moment, the second phase of commercialization of this project is underway, which includes stores for lease and offices for sale.

See in detail information on each of the available spaces.



Location and Access

In the historic area of the city, Terraços de Bragança is located at Rua do Alecrim, numbers 24 to 30, connecting Cais do Sodré to Largo de Camões.

Technical Characteristics Terraços de Bragança

Architecture: Arq. Álvaro Siza

Floors: smoothed screed layer on acoustic screen

Ceilings: smoothed plaster

Walls: smoothed plaster

Structure: STA
Reinforced concrete consisting of lightweight fungiform slabs, pillars and central core

Air conditioning: STA
Pre installation for direct expansion system with air renewal

Water and Sewage: STA
Separate system

Fire safety: Electroconsul
Fire and ICD detection system for common and private areas

Electricity: STA
General count building and fractions. Power of 13.8 KVA in all fractions. Floor boxes for power outlets, telephones and computers

Technical Management and Security: STA
Centralized Technical Management, CCTV

Elevators: Smith & Sohn elevators

Telephones and Telecommunications: STA
RITA Certification

Gross Building Area: 6.132,86 m2

Gross Building Area (Above Ground): 2.241,01 m2

Gross Building Area (Below Ground): 3.891,85 m2

Parking: 77 parking lots allocated to fractions

Energy Classification

  • Rua do Alecrim nr 30 D - [SCE 239358737] C
  • Rua do Alecrim nr 30 B - [SCE 239358939] C
  • Rua do Alecrim nr 28 D - [SCE 239359536] B-
  • Rua do Alecrim nr 26 M - [SCE 239359940] B-
  • Rua do Alecrim nr 26 D - [SCE 239360225] B

Start 2005

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